I’m excited today to release something I’ve been working on, the D365FO Admin Toolkit. The idea of this solution is that toolkit created for the Dynamics 365 FinOps community by the community itself. It is my hope and goal that this will be a platform that myself and others can add to going forward to help with some of the tasks normally faced by D365FO administrators.


Link to the deployable package

Link to the GitHub page

Link to documentation

Current Features

  • Assign / Revoke SysAdmin Access without needing elevated permissions
  • (Optional) Require a reason be provided for assigning / revoking SysAdmin
  • SysAdmin role assignment / revoke reporting
  • Configuration page

Features in Development

  • Export all role access to CSV
  • Auto disable D365FO users when AAD/Entra user is disabled

Potential Future Features

  • Compare role access between D365FO environments
  • Firefighter functionality and reporting for SysAdmin users


How to Test Role Access Without a Test Account in D365FO

Add Logging to SysAdmin Role Assignments in D365FO


Feedback & Questions

Feel free to reach out with feedback, feature suggestions, or questions either on this blog post or to d365fotoolkit@outlook.com.