We’ve had some great community contributions to get us to v1.6 of the D365FO Admin Utility!

D365FO Admin Toolkit v1.6

D365O Admin Toolkit v1.6 Release

D365FO Admin Toolkit GitHub

Note: This release has been built against a 10.0.39 version of D365FO.

Let’s look at the new features and functionality and bug fixes in this release!

New Features

Adding support for having an automatic expiration on the assignment of the SysAdmin role. This feature was primary developed by Jonas Melgaard now follows the same practice as the ‘just in time’ access for D365FO tier 2 environments.

To enable the feature, navigate to the D365FO Admin Toolkit Parameters and enable the ‘Enable expiry dates for SysAdmin’ toggle and then set the ‘Default number of hours’ that your SysAdmins should be assigned that access:


When assigning the SysAdmin role, you will now see the ‘End Date / Time’ Option on the Reason screen:

To actually perform the SysAdmin role revoke there are two options:

  • There is a new menu item in the navigate called ‘Remove Expired SysAdmin Role Assignments’
  • There is a batch job you can utilize called ‘ADMRevokeAdminRoleBatchJob’ which executes the same code as the menu item

On the SysAdmin Assignment Report there is a new column for users that have their SysAdmin access set to expire, and if you have the batch job set up you can actually see the SysAdmin role revoke happen automatically! For example the APRIL user below was assigned the SysAdmin role for 1 hour and you can see that she was successfully revoked the next time the ‘ADMRevokeAdminRoleBatchJob’ batch job executed:

Adding support for the Danish language, again thanks to the contribution from Jonas Melgaard:

This now means that that the D365FO Admin Toolkit supports 7 languages!

Feature Changes

There was a slight change to overall user interface of the Excluded Users page, the overall functionality did not change but you can now Add and Delete users from each grid independently:

Also the ‘Populate Excluded Users’ button changed slightly to look for users marked with the ‘IsMicrosoftAccount’ parameter set on the UserInfo object. This value is set by Microsoft and designates service accounts. By using this parameter, we can dynamically determine which users are marked as service accounts within an environment.

Bug Fixes

This release also includes a bug fix when assigning the SysAdmin role you could hit the Esc key and not provide a reason even if it was marked as ‘required’.


Thanks again to this great community for the feedback and be sure to reach out to d365fotoolkit@outlook.com or on GitHub with any questions or issues.