D365FO Security Course

I created an in-depth D365FO security course that will take you from a security novice with no prior knowledge of the subject to having a deep understanding of security, audit, and compliance topics and functionality within D365FO.

Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations Security Course

The course covers:

  • Understanding the D365FO Security Model
  • Security Differences Between AX 2009, AX 2012, and D365FO
  • How to Setup D365FO Security from the UI and AOT
  • Building a Sound and Compliance Security Environment in D365FO
  • Develop and Implement Least Privilege Security
  • Manage and Maintain D365FO Security
  • Other Advanced Security Topics including:
    • Field-level security
    • Extensible Data Security (XDS)
    • Table Permission Framework (TPF)
    • Using Azure AD Group Security
    • Utilizing Organizational Hierarchies to Help With Legal Entity Restrictions
    • And other topics!

Each lesson has a video walk through with demos in the product, PowerPoint slides that are downloadable, and a quiz to test that topic’s understanding.

Course Reviews

The D365 for Finance & Operations Security course provides in-depth knowledge for individuals from all backgrounds, whether you are just starting your journey as a system administrator or a seasoned consultant, external auditor, or internal auditor. Alex takes a practical approach to providing an overview of security and diving into each topic in bite-sized chunks with demos to illustrate how the system actually functions, and quizzes to ensure you understand the topics. Overall, this course helped me overcome some knowledge gap areas of maintaining D365 security and garnering more knowledge around licensing costs. Additionally, the course helped provide a unique perspective on segregation of duties analysis for maintaining and implementing a compliant security environment. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the D365 F&O space!

Chris Nettemeyer – Risk Consulting EACR Senior Associate – RSM US LLP