Voting has now opened for DynamicsCon 2022 sessions! I have submitted two different sessions and there are many more great sessions to check out and vote for!

Be sure to get your votes in before January 19th 2022!

Successfully Navigate D365FO User Licensing

Do you find user licensing in D365FO confusing? Do you second guess the number and type of licenses you need? Are you worried you are overpaying for licenses? In this session, we will help you answer all of these and more about user licensing. We will cover the process Microsoft uses for determining licensing requirements, the impact that security has on licensing, and steps you can take to ensure your company is not over-paying on licensing and save your company money.

Common D365FO Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

This session will be presented in tandem with another Microsoft MVP Andre Arnaud de Calavon his blog can be found here :

In this session, we will demonstrate real-world common D365FO security mistakes that customers make, discuss why these actions can introduce risk into your organization, and then show what steps you can take to either fix the issue or how to avoid it altogether.

Topics will cover security mistakes made during implementation as well as ongoing maintenance problems that companies fail to perform.