I recently saw a question posted on a forum regarding what license Microsoft assigns a user that has no license requirement based on their entry point access. I didn’t really have an answer as I hadn’t ran into this scenario and I didn’t cover it in my my earlier post about determining user licenses. In earlier versions of AX there was some uncertainty about which license would be applied so I ran a simple test in D365FO:

1. Created a custom object with no license information on either the ViewUserLicense or MaintainUserLicense properties in the AOT

2. Create a custom privilege and assign this object to it, then create a custom role and assign this privilege to the role

3. When I looked at this role in System Administration -> Security Configuration -> View Permissions it showed the role as requiring a license of ‘None’

4. But when I assigned only this role to a user and ran the user license report found at System Administration -> Inquiries -> License -> User License Counts it showed this user requiring a Team Member license

So it appears that regardless of the user’s actual entry point assignment the lowest level of user license that will be required to have access to D365FO is a Team Member license.