Excited to announce the v1.3 release of the D365FO Admin Toolkit!

Version 1.3 Release

D365FO Admin Toolkit v1.3 Deployable Package

D365FO Admin Toolkit GitHub

Note: The deployable package has been built against a CY24Q1: 10.0.38 version of D365FO, which is now GA.

Navigation Updates

I started to break out the different features into separate sub menus to make navigation easier as more functionality is added:

Adding Norwegian Language Support

We also had another community contribution for adding support for the Norwegian language by Alireza Eshaghzadeh (https://github.com/Alireza-Eshaghzadeh):

Environment Configuration Export

One feature I am excited to see where it goes is the environment configuration export, which will allow for the exporting of certain configurations from a D365FO environment. This feature will address one thing that I have ran into quite a few times, which is comparing data / configurations between D365FO environments (for instance confirming that a DEV / UAT or PROD / STAGE is in sync).

Normally this process is semi-manual, is time intensive, and human error prone. My idea for this is to create a ‘platform’ to automate this process while still allowing the flexibility for a client to add their own configuration options.

The ‘Export System Configuration’ menu will export a ZIP file:

In this first release, the following objects are exported:

  • Role Access
  • Security User Roles
  • Security User Role Organization
  • Users

I am still in the process of developing the actual comparison utility, but did want to give a sneak peak of what the tool will look like:

The output of the report will be an Excel file with the comparison between the environments showing the objects that have been added, removed, or modified and the data behind them.

I am hoping to have this feature available within the coming weeks, stay tuned!

Bug Fixes

– If utilizing the ‘Show Reason Dialog for SysAdmin’ feature, you now must include an actual reason for assigning the role and cannot leave it blank.


Thanks again for all the feedback and be sure to reach out to d365fotoolkit@outlook.com or on GitHub with any questions or issues.