We have a new release of the D365FO Admin Toolkit that includes some exciting new community contributions and features!

Version 1.2 Release

D365FO Admin Toolkit GitHub

D365FO Admin Toolkit v1.2 Deployable Package Download

Note: The deployable package has been built against a CY24Q1: 10.0.38 version of D365FO, which is now GA.

New Features

Based on community feedback, one of the requested features was adding the last login date on the user form. This was accomplished by adding an additional datasource on the SysUserManagement form for the SysUserLog table (which tracks when a user logs into D365FO) and displaying the most recent time that user has logged in.

We can validate the correct results are being returned by executing a SQL query manually against the SysUserLog table.


We also had a great community contribution come in from another Microsoft MVP Juan Antonio Tomás to add support for the Spanish language for the toolkit!


It’s been fantastic to see others in the community contribute to the project, I’m extremely grateful and honored by all the support!

Thanks again for all the feedback and be sure to reach out to d365fotoolkit@outlook.com or on GitHub with any questions or issues.