I wanted to give an update on new things going on within Fastpath and an update on my current situation.

New Position Within Fastpath

I was recently promoted from my position focusing on Dynamics AX/365FO to heading up all of our Microsoft Cloud integrations. This will include all of Dynamics 365, Azure, Azure AD, and Azure DevOps. I’m excited to be put in a position to be engaging with all of the latest and greatest Microsoft products. I still plan on continuing my blogging in the D365FO and Power Platform spaces but will now also be blogging in the Azure, Azure AD, and Azure DevOps spaces as well.

We are also still looking for people to join our Microsoft Cloud Development Team!

Fastpath Integration with Azure Portal

With the new position comes some exciting news as I can share that Fastpath now has a native integration with the Microsoft Azure Portal. This integration will allow up to capture the security data within Azure Portal and analyze it for user and role access to give you a better understanding of who has access, how they are getting access, and what critical access exists within your organization. It also continues to expand our ever growing library of integrations and because of our cross platform ability allows for Fastpath to be your one source for all security, audit, and compliance reporting and solution needs.

To give an example of just some of the Azure reports we have currently:

Azure Providers, their associated Operations, and the available actions that can be performed on them

Role Definitions – the raw role access information from Azure

Resource Access – showing which users have access to which Azure resources and which role(s) give them that permission

User, Role and Service Principal Access along with detailed information on how that access is being assigned and what Azure resources this giver you access to

I’m really excited about being able to provide these security, audit, and compliance reporting solutions to customers but also looking forward to what other Fastpath modules we can incorporate. Feel free to reach out if you would like to know additional information about the current Azure Portal integration.

Blog Ideas Going Forward

So this blog post is going to be more than just announcing Fastpath products, I also want to provide educational content surrounding this going forward (just like I do for D365FO and Power Platform currently). Since I was the lead developer for our Azure Portal integration I have numerous takeaways and observations of things I ran into while creating this integration that I want to bring forward and make others aware of. There is a lot of content here so be sure to keep an eye out going forward for some Azure security, Azure Management API, and Azure Cloud Powershell technical blogs in the very near future.