While using D365FO it is sometimes helpful to be able to view the actual data within a particular table from a web browser. This has previously been done via the SysTableBrowser menu item display, but recently there was a message on the D365UG forum that trying to navigate to this menu item was throwing an error.

If you are unfamiliar with the SysTableBrowser you can utilize it by using the following URL syntax:


So for example if you wanted to utilize the UserInfo table you would use:


Normally a user would be able to utilize this feature by being assigned the ‘Open Table Browser’ privilege and read access to the table you want to be able to view.

But in recent versions of D365FO, a (non-SysAdmin) user would see the following error:

Let’s look to see why this is, if we go into the AOT and look at the parameters of the menu item display you will see that the the ‘Allow Root Navigation’ parameter is set to No. This means that you will not be able to directly access this menu item and would have to navigate to it through the UI.

Since we can’t modify this object directly since D365FO doesn’t allow over-layering, what can we do to continue to use this feature?

The first step is to duplicate the SysTableBrowser menu item display into a custom project, by default the new menu item display will be called SysTableBrowserCopy but you can rename this if you would like.

Since this object is now a custom object, you can now make changes to the parameters of the object itself. This allows us to change the ‘Allow Root Navigation’ parameter from No -> Yes.

Now we need to setup security to this new object, in our example we are looking to access the UserInfo table so I set up the following security:

Now we can test this by either using a role test workspace or assigning this role to a user and having them navigate to the new menu item with the following URL:



Hopefully this helps with continuing the user of the table browser functionality within a web browser. This process should also be able to be used in a production environment. Feel free to reach out with any questions.