Microsoft has added some additional user reporting around dormant user accounts in D365FO PU21 8.1. This report can be found in System Administration -> Security -> Dormant user security accounts.

You then can provide some inputs for the report:

  • Number of days since last login
  • Account Type
    • All
    • Claims User
    • Active Directory User
  • Include users having this account status
    • All
    • Enabled
    • Not Enabled

The report output will look similar to the one below.

The report columns include:

  • User ID, name, and email
  • Default company
  • User enabled
  • Account created date and time
  • Last login date and time
  • Days since last login time
  • Personnel number

This report can help determine which users are not logging into D365FO and when their last login was to see if they could potentially be removed, save a user license, and therefore save your organization money.