For the last couple of months, the Fastpath team has been working on taking our in-depth knowledge of D365FO security, audit, and compliance to create an educational book on the topic. I’m very pleased to announce that the Security and Audit Field Manual for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition is officially released. This book is the culmination of work by Fastpath team members Mark Polino, Andy Snook, and myself and dives into the security and audit side of D365FO. This book is unique in that Mark and Andy cover the audit side of things with their vast knowledge of compliance and overall auditing best practices and I cover the application security side, so you get perspectives from both how you should set up your security, design process control, etc and then how to actually do those actions in the D365FO application itself. Also as D365FO changes (and we all know it will) we will revisit this and ensure to release updates if the information changes.

The book is available in paperback and Kindle formats and can be found here:

Dynamics 365 for Operations and Financials, Enterprise Edition, Security and Audit Field Manual

Also for anyone who will be coming to the Microsoft Dynamics Communities User Group Summit in Nashville, we will have a limited number of copies at the Fastpath booth. So feel free to stop by and say Hi!