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Row-num Child-table-name Foreign-key-columns Module-of-child-table Arrow-to-parent Parent-table-name Primary-key-columns Module-of-parent-table
1AifAction .ClassId, .ServiceName (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifService .ClassId, .Name (AIF)
2AifChannel .AdapterClassId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifAdapter .AdapterClassId (AIF)
3AifCorrelation .MessageId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifMessageLog .MessageId (AIF)
4AifCorrelation .EntityRecId, .EntityTableId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    Common .RecId, .TableId (Unknown module)
5AifDataPolicy .DocumentFieldRecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDocumentField .RecId (AIF)
6AifDataPolicy .PortDocument (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPortDocument .RecId (AIF)
7AifDataPolicyLegalValue .DocumentFieldRecId, .PortDocument (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDataPolicy .DocumentFieldRecId, .PortDocument (AIF)
8AifDataPolicyLegalValue .DocumentFieldRecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDocumentField .RecId (AIF)
9AifDataPolicyXPath .PortDocument (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPortDocument .RecId (AIF)
10AifDocumentField .DocumentClassId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDocumentSchemaTable .DocumentClassId (AIF)
11AifDocumentFilter .Port (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifInboundPort .RecId (AIF)
12AifDocumentFilter .Service (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifService .Name (AIF)
13AifDocumentLog .MessageId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifMessageLog .MessageId (AIF)
14AifDocumentQueryFilter .RecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDocumentFilter .RecId (AIF)
15AifDocumentSchemaTable .SchemaRecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifSchemaStore .RecId (AIF)
16AifDocumentSetFilter .RecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDocumentFilter .RecId (AIF)
17AifDocumentSetFilterElement .DocumentSetFilter (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDocumentSetFilter .RecId (AIF)
18AifEndpointActionValueMap .ActionId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifAction .ActionId (AIF)
19AifEndpointActionValueMap .RecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifEndPointActionValueMapExt_RU .AifEndpointActionValueMap (Global financial management - Russia)
20AifEndpointActionValueMap .BarCodeSetupId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    BarcodeSetup .barcodeSetupId (Inventory and warehouse management)
21AifEndpointActionValueMap .Fky?, .AgreementClassificationExtCodeId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .Pky?, .ExtCodeId (Procurement and sourcing)
22AifEndpointActionValueMap .CountryRegionExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
23AifEndpointActionValueMap .CountyExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
24AifEndpointActionValueMap .CurrencyExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
25AifEndpointActionValueMap .CustAccountExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
26AifEndpointActionValueMap .DlvModeExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
27AifEndpointActionValueMap .DlvTermExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
28AifEndpointActionValueMap .InventLocationExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
29AifEndpointActionValueMap .ItemExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
30AifEndpointActionValueMap .MarkupExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
31AifEndpointActionValueMap .ReturnDispCodeExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
32AifEndpointActionValueMap .ReturnReasonCodeExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
33AifEndpointActionValueMap .StateExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
34AifEndpointActionValueMap .Fky?, .TaxExtCodeId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .Pky?, .ExtCodeId (Procurement and sourcing)
35AifEndpointActionValueMap .UnitExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
36AifEndpointActionValueMap .VendAccountExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
37AifEndpointActionValueMap .ZipCodeExtCodeId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    ExtCodeTable .ExtCodeId, .Pky? (Procurement and sourcing)
38AifExceptionMap .MessageId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifMessageLog .MessageId (AIF)
39AifExceptionMap .ExceptionId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    SysExceptionTable .RecId (AIF)
40AifFileSystemConfiguration .ChannelId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifChannel .ChannelId (AIF)
41AifGatewayQueue .ChannelId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifChannel .ChannelId (AIF)
42AifGatewayQueue .PortName (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPort .Name (AIF)
43AifGatewayQueue .Company, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    DataArea .id, .Pky? (Unknown module)
44AifInboundPort .AosChannelId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifChannel .ChannelId (AIF)
45AifInboundPort .ResponseChannelId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifChannel .ChannelId (AIF)
46AifInboundPort .RecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPort .RecId (AIF)
47AifLookupEntry .LookupTableId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifLookupTable .LookupTableId (AIF)
48AifMessageLog .ChannelId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifChannel .ChannelId (AIF)
49AifMessageLog .RequestMessageId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifMessageLog .MessageId (AIF)
50AifMessageLog .PipelineId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPipeline .PipelineId (AIF)
51AifMessageLog .Company, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    DataArea .id, .Pky? (Unknown module)
52AifMessageLog .DataPartition (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    Partitions .RecId (Unknown module)
53AifOutboundPort .RecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPort .RecId (AIF)
54AifOutboundProcessingQueue .ActionId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifAction .ActionId (AIF)
55AifOutboundProcessingQueue .OutboundPortName (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifOutboundPort .Name (AIF)
56AifOutboundProcessingQueue .Company, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    DataArea .id, .Pky? (Unknown module)
57AifPipeline .PortActionPolicyId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPortActionPolicy .RecId (AIF)
58AifPipelineComponent .PipelineId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPipeline .PipelineId (AIF)
59AifPort .ChannelId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifChannel .ChannelId (AIF)
60AifPort .Company, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    DataArea .id, .Pky? (Unknown module)
61AifPortActionPolicy .ActionId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifAction .ActionId (AIF)
62AifPortActionPolicy .Port (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPort .RecId (AIF)
63AifPortDocument .DocumentClassId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDocumentSchemaTable .DocumentClassId (AIF)
64AifPortDocument .Port (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPort .RecId (AIF)
65AifPortDocument .SchemaStore (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifSchemaStore .RecId (AIF)
66AifPortUser .InboundPort (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifInboundPort .RecId (AIF)
67AifPortValueMap .RecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifEndpointActionValueMap .RecId (AIF)
68AifPortValueMap .PortId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPort .RecId (AIF)
69AifQueueManager .MessageId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDocumentLog .MessageId (AIF)
70AifResourceIdMap .PortName (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPort .Name (AIF)
71AifResourceIdMap .ResourceId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifResourceLock .ResourceId (AIF)
72AifResponse .RequestMessageId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifMessageLog .MessageId (AIF)
73AifResponse .ResponseMessageId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifMessageLog .MessageId (AIF)
74AifTransform .AifAppShareFile (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifAppShareFile .FilePath (AIF)
75AifTransformElement .PortName (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPort .Name (AIF)
76AifTransformElement .AifTransform (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifTransform .RecId (AIF)
77AifValueSubstitutionComponentConfig .PipelineComponentRecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPipelineComponent .RecId (AIF)
78AifValueSubstitutionConfig .DocumentFieldRecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifDocumentField .RecId (AIF)
79AifValueSubstitutionConfig .LookupTableId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifLookupTable .LookupTableId (AIF)
80AifValueSubstitutionConfig .PipelineComponentRecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPipelineComponent .RecId (AIF)
81AifWcfConfiguration .ChannelId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifChannel .ChannelId (AIF)
82AifXmlTransformConfig .PipelineComponentRecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifPipelineComponent .RecId (AIF)
83AifXmlTransformConfig .XsltId, .Fky? (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifXsltRepository .XsltId, .Pky? (AIF)
84AifXsltRepository .SchemaStoreRecId (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    AifSchemaStore .RecId (AIF)
85SysExceptionTable .DataPartition (AIF)     ‑‑‑>    Partitions .RecId (Unknown module)

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